Caring for someone at home


It is now more important than ever to take extra precautions at home and in public. Staying inside this long may not be the most exciting thing we have experienced; however, this is one of the most im...

Family and Caregiver Support During COVID-19


Whether you are a family member caring for a loved one or a professional caregiver, it is important to follow guidelines for the health and safety of our most high-risk population. Below are a few tip...

Finding Updated Info on the Coronavirus


There is a lot of information coming out about COVID-19 (Coronoavirus). We have been closely monitoring the CDC and American Red Cross for the latest updates. These are two great resources for you to ...

Volunteering for our Communities


MediCall HomeCare is reaching out to help our Seniors! We will be volunteering our time and assembling a team of additional volunteers to help get supplies to Seniors in our community. If you know of ...

Help from the CDC


We are sharing with you some help from the CDC. Feeling sick? Not sure where to turn or who to ask? Wonder if and how to prepare? Here is the CDC website for more information.

How to build a long-distance care team


We live in a mobile society and that means that adult children are not always going to live in close proximity to aging parents. That makes it difficult to make sure their daily needs are addressed, e...

How family caregivers can benefit from respite care


What is Respite Care? Respite care is a type of assistance that allows the family caregiver to take a break from care-giving. This type of care focuses on helping family caregivers recharge, ease thei...

5 ways to regain your energy after caregiver burnout


As a caregiver of an aging loved one your days are long and filled with responsibilities. Taking care of yourself is at the end of the list – and it stays there. You may feel run down, lethargic and l...